Head control for wheelchair via smart glasses

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Wheelchair Head Control Built Smarter

munevo DRIVE* is an alternative control for electric wheelchairs that uses smart glasses – developed based on insights from wheelchair drivers.

  • Slick smart glasses pick up your head movements.
  • Movements translate to control signals through our wheelchair adapter.
  • Navigate the munevo DRIVE app and easily calibrate to your own capabilities.

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*munevo DRIVE is registered in the US and eligible for insurance coverage and reimbursement.


Approved as medical
device in Europe

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1-Year Warranty

1-year warranty for material and manufacturing defects.


Coded as K0108

Eligible for insurance coverage in the US. Individual cases vary, please consult your medical practitioner.


Order Process

Pre-order today or submit an application to your insurance provider. We’re here to assist you during the approval/appeal process.

Life-Changing Wheelchair Control

For those who:

  • Depend on a fully electric wheelchair
  • Can’t use their hands for wheelchair control
  • Can slightly tilt and turn their heads (about 3 degrees)

For those with any of these diagnoses:

  • ALS
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Spinal muscular atrophy
  • Cerebral palsy

Alternative Wheelchair Control for Everyday Mobility

  • Offers direct visual and audio feedback through smart glasses
  • Has two different driving profiles (indoors & outdoors)
  • Has a clean, intuitive, easy to use interface and menu
  • Uses Bluetooth® technology for easy connection

  • Easily customizable – quick calibration to account for changes of seating position or mobility of the head
  • Elegant wearable solution – can be fitted with prescription frames for prescription lenses

For you:

  • Smart glasses with munevo DRIVE application
  • Charging cable
  • munevo smart glasses case
  • Instruction manual


For wheelchair:

  • munevo DRIVE adapter
  • D-Sub 9 cable for connection with wheelchair
  • Bracket and screws for mounting the adapter to the wheelchair

Want to test munevo DRIVE without obligation? 

Book a virtual demo with a team expert.


*munevo DRIVE is registered in the US and eligible for insurance coverage and reimbursement.

Head Control for Wheelchair via Smart Glasses
munevo head control smart glasses

munevo – Your Ally For Hands-Free Mobility


Explore Freely


Become Independent


Overcome Obstacles


Improve Lifestyle

Gain Control of More Than Just the Wheelchair

Add-ons are sold separately from munevo DRIVE
munevo PHONE

munevo PHONE

munevo PHONE is an application which enables you to control your phone through head movements.

The app features include calling friends and relatives, sending a voice message, reading a newspaper article or taking a photo.

Get munevo PHONE app FREE with your munevo DRIVE.


munevo DRIVE will make my life worth living again


I can go around the village alone again and visit my mother


Munevo DRIVE is a quantum leap


munevo DRIVE allows me to experience great new levels of freedom

Head Control for Wheelchair FAQ

Shipping & Returns

munevo GmbH provides a one-year warranty from the date of purchase on material and manufacturing defects. There is also a one-year guarantee for the smart glasses battery. See full warranty in Terms & Conditions.

Manufactured and Engineered
in Germany

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